Welcome to Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket

World Famous Fried Chicken

The Chicken Basket, as it is today, opened in the summer of 1946 on Historic Illinois Route 66. Because of the amount of traffic and distance from Chicago, the Chicken Basket was the perfect stopping place going to or coming from Chicago.

Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket has been in countless Route 66 documentaries and travel books on Route 66 and has visitors from around the world on a regular basis!

Our goal has long been to serve our customers the freshest, most outstanding food. We also promise to provide you with the best service in the world. We would like to thank you for 60 plus years of loyalty, and we would like to ask for another 60 years of that same loyalty.


The 71 year old Historic Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket sign is getting a face lift.

Thanks to the National Park Service and the Illinois Scenic By Way Association the Chicken Basket is receiving a matching funds grant to restore the 71 year old Landmark sign. David Hutson of Neon Times removed the sign from its perch and took it to his shop in St. Charles, MO were the sign will be restored to its original neon splendor.